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Transformational podcast 

Two Naked Hypnotherapists 
A Transformational Podcast by Heather and Conny 

Are you searching for a secret to unlock your best life? Join us as we delve into the profound realm of the human subconscious mind. Get ready for unfiltered naked truths that can shape your new reality for healing, success, and happiness. We offer exclusive mind-hacking techniques and transformative tools that no other hypnotherapists would tell you.  Transformational podcast 


Our mission is to facilitate healing and empower individuals to break through their old paradigms, fostering new possibilities and a world where collective transformation is within reach. 

The Hosts

Heather Sasaki is a founder of Rewiredway Coaching, a Subconscious mind reprogramming expert, a certified Trauma Transformational Hypnotherapist, Rewiredway Self-Love coach, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), NLP practitioner, Past Life Regression therapist, and meditation coach, assisting various stages of healing journeys, anxiety management, and life transformation.  Transformational podcast 

Conny Cruz is a proud founder of Deep Dive and Thrive, where she provides RTT (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy), Time Line Therapy, NLP, and Inner Child Work coaching, helping teens, working moms, and corporate executives heal from the past and achieve their goals.  

Season 1: 2021. Transformational podcast 

Episodes 1 & 2  THE ANATOMY OF STRESS, The Stress Mechanism 

Episode 3         UNDERSTANDING THE ROOT CAUSE, Stress, Anxiety and Trauma

Episode 4.        Q & A on Stress 

Episode 5.        TRAUMA, KARMA & SPIRITUALITY, 3 Layers of Human Consciousness 

Episode 6.        TRAUMA, KARMA & SPIRITUALITY, The Consequences of Avoiding Trauma 

Episode 7.        TRAUMA, KARMA & SPIRITUALITY, 4 Steps to Transform Trauma

Episode 8.        Q & A on Trauma and Karma 

Episode 9.        LET'S TALK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, The Most Important Relationship in Life 

Episode 10.      LET'S TALK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, The Fear of Intimacy 


Episode 12.      Q & A on Relationship Issues 

Episode 13.      Abundance Talk

Episode 14.      Our Favorite Abundance Books 

Episode 15.      Q & A on Abundance 




Episode 19.      Q & A on Hypnosis

Episode 20.      HEALING JOURNEY, How to Remove What's Holding You Back

Episode 21       Healing Tool:  Get Unstuck, Remove Blockage, Clear the Path 

Episode 22.      Inner Child Healing 

Episode 23       Q & A on Healing Transformational podcast 

Season 2. 2022 

Episode 24.      Insomnia, How to Sleep Well Again. Transformational podcast 

Episode 25.      Pain Management, How to Use the Power of the Mind for Pain 

Episode 26.      Mental Wellness Talk, How Mindful Living Can Improve Your Life

Episode 27.      Reflection on 2022 and Manifestation Power for 2023

Episode 28.      Healing Hack: Your Gut Health Is Everything 

Episode 29.      Higher Consciousness, Your Secret Weapon for Ultimate Happiness & Success 

Episode 30.      Your Career Success Types

Episode 31.      Smoking Cessation, Stop Smoking Naturally 

Episode 32.      Anti-Aging Hacks, How to Stay Younger Longer Transformational podcast 

Episode 33.      How to Balance Your Mental Wellness 

Episode 34.      Holiday Blues?  How to Manage or Eliminate Your Holiday Stress 

Season 3, 2023.  Transformational podcast 

Episode 35.      How to Use TRANCE for Success

Episode 36.      How to Transmute Your Karma (Negative Patterns)

Episode 37.      How to Harness Fears for Transformation 

Episode 38.      The Anatomy of Attraction, Attachment Styles & Karmic Love 

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