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Why I Am Passionate About Trauma Healing

Are you free? Are you feeling your freedom in your life? Are you free from your past? Are you free from your trauma?

I'm no longer afraid of the six-letter darken word, T-R-A-U-M-A, because I now know what trauma is, what it is for and how we can transform our lives by overcoming traumas. I understanding the meaning, purpose, and potentialities of traumas. I'm passionate about Trauma Healing because I've seen and experienced how traumas can bring out the person's best quality, resilience, empowerment, deep understanding of the purpose of traumas, the power of forgiveness, the opportunity of transmuting traumas and karma and transforming life completely. For me, my traumas were greatest gifts of my life because they showed me the way to free myself from the energetic imprisonment so I could live my life as who I am in this moment. My traumas shed the light on the doorway to my freedom. I've missed the signs so many times in my life, and I thank my traumas to keep showing up in my life until I finally "got it." Believe me, I know in my deepest core, it is hard, uncomfortable, frustrating, scary, painful at first when you are triggered by your trauma, the energetic charges you've been stored in our mind and body for a long time, perhaps all your life. But I want you to take my word for it; it is not coming at you, it is coming for you so you can free yourself from it. It has showing you the way out of this imprisonment from the energetic charges, past memories and pain because you deserve to LIVE YOUR LIFE, CREATE YOUR LIFE and EXPERIENCE LIFE as you wish to live, create and experience your life.

Can you imagine yourself being completely free from your fear, regret, past pain, unworthiness, anger, shame, guilt, loneliness and self-doubt? How would you feel then? How does your body feel? What kind of facial expression does your face have? Are you smiling? Are you crying with joy? What would you do if you could free yourself from your past emotions and memories? I want you to take look at the mental image and compare to your current life and choose how you'd like to live your life starting right now.

Keep the mental imagery of you being free from whatever you want to be free from in the now. Creating the mental imagery does not require time, location, effort or waiting. You can emerge with the mental imagery always helps you to create new experiences hence creating your new life.

Where you can find me:

Clubhouse: @heather81

Podcast: Trance Healing~Free Guided Meditation & Personal Messages~

Podcast: Two Naked Hypnotherapists ~Free Mind-Hacking Tools & Information to Transform Your Life"


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