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Workshop 2024
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Presented by Heather Sasaki,
Founder & CEO at Rewired Way

Are you ready to uncover the unshakable confidence that's been hiding inside you that will lead you to more happiness and success in 2024?

Join us at Rewired Way for a transformative self-confidence amplifier workshop, led by Heather Sasaki, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Conscious Living Coach. Our workshop is designed to help you connect with your inner strength and gain the essential tools and knowledge necessary to live your best life. You will leave feeling more confident, motivated, and empowered than ever before. 

Samantha, CA

“Self-confidence has been one of my weakest, and I tried many things in the past but it really didn't stick with me, but Heather's workshop helped me to realize why other programs didn't work. Now everything I've done in the past staring to come together!"

James, NY

"The best thing I've done for myself!  Highly recommend it if you really want to be able to trust yourself and be confident in life."

Rosie, TX

“I'm so glad I found Rewired Way and Heather. I've done hypnotherapy and therapy in the past but didn't see the results...until I met Heather.”

Need Self-Confidence? Here Are What You'll Learn: 



The Anatomy of Your Mind

This workshop starts with a deep dive into the anatomy of the mind, specifically the subconscious mind and how it influences our thoughts and behaviors. By understanding this foundation, we can begin to  rewire our thought patterns and heal from past trauma.

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How to Rewire The Negative Thoughts, Emotions & Patterns

Our unique and highly effective approach involves rewiring the preprogrammed subconscious mind programming that has kept you stuck in negative patterns of thought and behavior.

Young Confident Woman_edited.jpg


How to Amplify Self-Confidence

You'll learn how to implement what you've learned in your everyday life to become more confident, and continue to grow your self-confidence and trust in yourself unlimitedly.

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