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Is Aging Reversible? Find Out What the Aging Experts Know

For centuries, we believed that aging was unavoidable and necessary process of human biology. Some of the world aging researchers disagree.

I detected excessive Cellular Aging

In 2018, after I went through a traumatic event in my life, I've noticed that I was aging faster than ever before. I wanted to believe that it was a temporary setback while I was going through physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual transformation. I always looked a lot younger than my age, naturally fitted, and looked healthy without putting myself into a strict diet or vigorous workout routine. I used to say to people who asked me for the secret that I had good genes but maintaining good genes requires intention (energetic projection), energetic alignment, and regular self-care, self-love routines. So, when I was going through the tunnel of depression, my "good genes" remained in my body, however, the maintenance of the good genes failed miserably as I could not take care of myself nor control my thoughts, therefore rapid aging signs started to show up in my life almost immediately. That's when I learned aging was a disease and not a natural process of our biology through a Harvard University professor and Director of Biology of Aging Research, Dr. David Sinclair. His NYT Bestseller book, Life Span, thoroughly explains that aging is a disease and aging could be potentially reversed with science. It literally confirmed that I was the one making my body age faster than any previous years.

In 2019, it was my pivotal moment when I personally met 3 influential individuals of my dream who reminded me about the power of the mind and health/aging: Dr. Bruce Lipton, a pioneering Biologist on epigenetics, author of The Biology of Belief; Dr. Joe Dispenza, a Neuroscientist and New Age mystic teacher, author of Becoming Supernatural; and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a medical doctor, leading stem cell researcher, spiritual voyager, and the author of Growing Younger who has seen his patients reversing up to 12 years worth of time with one or two his patent-pending Vsel (Very Small Embryonic Like) Stem Cell treatments. Dr. Bruce Lipton shares his new scientific discoveries on biopsychology, the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning affected by your thoughts in his book, and he demonstrates how the new science of epigenetics is revolutionizing the grey area of the link between mind and matter, non-physical realm and physical world, and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species. Dr. Joe Dispenza claims that our mind can make ourselves sick by a thought alone which means you can heal your health and life by thoughts. He also teaches how to change your health and life by tuning into your mental power. Who would thought anti-aging and healing has to do with your mental power.

Let's be honest, no one wants to be or look older but we have accepted that aging is the natural occurrence in human life, and when we age, things in our bodies break down slowly and eventually the cells in our bodies stop regenerating and repairing, the end of the aging process is so-called death. And until now, we blindly believed that aging was a part of the inevitable natural biological process that no humans have control over. However, the above 4 incredibly intelligent and world-renown experts on aging happily disagree with the concept, moreover, they all directly or indirectly touch on the power of the mind as science-backed evidence that plays a part in developing diseases and unnatural aging acceleration or healing diseases and live younger.

Reverse Aging = Slowing Aging

As I mentioned in the beginning, I was able to detect the changes in the "rate" of my body's aging process, in my case, faster. The concept of reverse aging is to slow down the aging process, at least for now, and now we know what delays the aging process in our body. Here are some examples:


How exactly does mindful living delay aging? Scientific studies have shown that regular meditations and a conscious attempt at living help to suppress the aging process.

As you might have already heard, the mind is a powerful tool that can be used to create and/or achieve anything. By meditating daily, you are ridding the body of stress, worries, and negative thoughts. These could all trigger humoral and cellular actions, which interfere with your base physiology. Mostly, your today's problems are related to your past experiences or beliefs, as we humans have the ability to compare the experiences from the past in the present. Therefore, overcoming the fears, regrets, failures, sorrows of the past, and bringing your focus on the present moment and all its possibilities can help you to release the gratitude hormone, oxytocin. In turn, this triggers the release of other stress-relieving hormones which slows the cellular degenerating process.

Meditation is the gateway to new sources of life-changing information. With it, you have control over the things around you. It also involves mindful eating habits. Here, one eats slowly in a focussed manner, paying attention to all the hunger signals, and stopping the moment you have satisfied these signals. Mindful eating engages all your senses and organs.

Heather & Hearts

In response to the discovery of the benefits of mindfulness and how it is used to help slowing teh aging process. Heather & Hearts hosts Supernatural Anti-aging Meditation classes every month. On this forum, ideas and topics on the use of functional meditation techniques are discussed, and different perspectives are also considered. The platform teaches people to control actions that they previously thought were beyond their control. The end result is a body that looks and feels far younger than its actual look.

Contrary to your popular belief on meditation as just staying quiet and reflecting on certain things, mindfulness or anti-aging meditation is an active process that actually engages the power of the mind in a state of hypnosis. This has been a time-old practice for the founder of Heather and Hearts Healing. I am a good example of using daily mindfulness practice as my anti-aging treatment. The results are remarkable and are better experienced rather than BOTOX!

Find out more about our Anti-Aging Hypnotherapy program which includes your personalized hypnotherapy for cellular regeneration, Anti-Aging Affirmation meditation, the world-renown Qi-lazar Enhanced Reverse Aging Supplements by Gematria. The next botox or filler you will inject in your face will only last for a few months because you are not delaying the aging process, in fact, you'll need more of them as you age. Reverse aging from the cellular level and transform your life inside out for healthier and longer results.

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