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Better Than Botox! Super Natural Anti-Aging Meditation

Anti-aging has become a new global obsession of the century. The global anti-aging market revenues were 140 billion dollars in 2015; with the recent rise of the anti-aging cosmetic industry, fitness/wellness products and services, the multi-billion dollar anti-aging supplement industry, the plastic surgery industry, and the anti-aging technology, it is expected to spike up to 216 billion dollars in 2021.

Aging is or was until very recently, inevitable, unavoidable, and natural human biological processes. But is that true? Are our bodies pre-programmed to age? What causes our body to degenerate? Does aging start with the mind or body first? Is aging something we, human beings, programmed in our minds? If aging is a just concept, can we reverse aging?

At Heather & Hearts Healing, we approach aging a little bit differently than the conventional way. We use the power of the mind and consciousness to re-define age/aging and use special tools and techniques to challenge reverse or slow down the degenerative process of cells. With regular practice of the tools and techniques and some extra supports from high vibrationally energized supplements, we can keep our youthful energy, vitality, and appearance at least 5-10 years younger.

1. HeartCore Living Practice

We believe that practicing HeartCore living, living from your heart is extremely important. Your heart vibrates the frequency of your soul, true-self, and when your mind, body, energy is resonant with the vibration, frequency of your heart, the magical coherence between your body, mind, heart, energy and soul happens. The signals from your brain throughout your body becomes synchronized in harmony, and the 50 trillions of your cells starting to be in tuned, energized, regenerate faster. When your cells, blood, organs, tissues, nervous systems, endocrine systems, digestive system, circulatory system, skeletal system, all bodily functions starting to play cohesively and beautifully in a big orchestra, your body.

We re-learn how to feel our hearts, to be with our hearts, and live from our hearts through life talks with awesome guest speakers and specialized hypnomeditation program.

2. Anti-Aging Hypnomeditation: Communicating with Subconscious Mind

I have been meditating almost all my life, even before I could spell my name. I learned not too long ago that my re-centering and re-charging form was so-called "MEDITATION" in the Western world. Some people have a misunderstanding of what meditation really is. Some people still think that meditation is to sit quietly, seize thinking, or become non-existence like the monks in the Tibetan mountains. That is one form of meditation, but there are a lot of other ways to meditate. One meditation method I often use is called "Functional Meditation," which means I use meditation to access the new information to improve my life in a particular way. For example, I use my functional meditation technique to view future outcomes, shorten cold, find the best way to complete the challenging task presented at the moment, or guide the particular person or information beneficial to me. Functional meditation is not mind-control; instead, using the meditation tool to tune yourself into the undiscovered/untapped resources to get the information you need for the present moment and situation.

What if you can access the information you need to reverse aging? Wouldn't it be nice to regenerate and rejuvenate your cells without any cosmetic or medical procedures? I've seen such remarkable results in my life; it's not just the outside look, but the feeling of how my body is coherent with my mind and how my mind is coherent with my heart and soul is beyond amazing.

For more information about Anti-Aging Meditation, click here.


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