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    Members Only Blogs Membership

    Receive exclusive content on healing, success mindset, and transformation
    • Free Audiobook: How to Transform Trauma
    • 5 Steps to Amplify Self-Confidence While Feeling Stuck
    • 12 Things Not to Do After a Breakup: Healing tips
    • 7 Must-Do to Finally Achieve Your New Year's Resolution
    • 7 Reasons Why Hypnotherapy May Be the Best Option for you
    • 11 Proven Tips on How to Break Free From Anxiety
    • 8 Simple Morning Routines That Can Change Your Life Tomorrow
    • Dating tips: 9 Obvious and Not-so-Obvious Red Flags You Miss
    • 7 Reasons Why Your Therapy Isn't Working For You
    • 21 Self-Love Affirmation You Must Tell Yourself Everyday
  • 90 days Anxiety Free Package

    A package consists of hypnotherapy, coaching, meditation, physical movements, the mind anatomy class
    • 90 Days to Freedom from Anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy Package

    4 sessions of regular hypnotherapy & 1 Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy
    • 90 Days to Freedom from Anxiety
    • Members Only Blogs Membership
  • 15 Weeks of Self-Love: Break Free from


    Due to the nature of this membership, refund or exchange cannot be offered. You can cancel your memberhsip at any time, no questions asked. Please make sure to cancel before the next billing cycle begins, otherwise your membership will be cancelled in the following month.

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