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The most powerful affirmations for you should come from you, it is your life, and you only know what you really want in your life. 


This The Powerful Self-Affirmations program aims to create the most powerful affirmations for yourself and record them in audio format for your daily use. Multiple neuroscientific research shows how brain neurons solidify new information as a new thought network in repetitions and physical implications such as speaking aloud, writing, visualizing, and listening to the same information for some time. 


The Most Powerful Self-Affirmations program includes: 

How to make affirmations work in your life; 

How to use affirmation to create mental shift 

How to use affirmation to achieve goals 

How to use affirmation to become higher versions of yourself with ease 

52 Most Powerful Affirmations 

Weekly goal tracker

54 Most Powerful Weekly Affirmations

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