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This is Personalized Trance Healing Digital Audio File for your Relaxation/Deep Sleep/Stress Relief: 


FREQUENCY is one of the most fascinating spiritual and cosmic experiences, in my opinion.  Frequency in sound is particularly fascinating to me. 

Frequency is a vibration in a wave that carries energy with it. The frequency of a wave is the number of waves that pass by each second and is often measured in Hertz (Hz) but there are wavelengths that cannot be measured by any frequency measurement devices available today.  


Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, all-natural, absolutely safe, and effective therapeutic modality that requires no devices, touches, any types of indigestions, but just the hypnotherapists' voices, hence frequencies.  I use the power of my voice frequencies, tonalities, vibrations along with the frequency and vibration of each word I use during hypnotherapy sessions, that's all.  My voice can travel deep into the layers of your mind while you're fully awake, aware, and alert, yet, as my voice travels through your mind and body, something interesting starts to happen: Your brain starts to switch your brain waves (frequencies of your brain wavelengths) and coherent with my voice frequencies.  In the process of switching the brain waves, you become more suggestible and acceptable to helpful information and suggestions, that is why hypnotherapy works great for anxiety, chronic stress, weight loss, health issues, insomnia, phobias, and many, many other common life challenges.  


Trance Healing Digital Recordings are designed to support and maximize the effect of your hypnotherapy session by crystalizing your intention and your end goals in your life.  However, without having a hypnotherapy session, you can receive numerous benefits from listening to your PERSONALIZED Trance Healing recording to transform your life steadily, solidly, and definitely.   Order your own personalized Trance Healing recording today, and fill out a questionnaire, I will customize and create your personal healing frequency recording.  



30 min online zoom consultation to discuss your goals 

Personalized Trance Healing audio file for your daily use 

30-days access to Voxer support 


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Personalized Mind & Body Relaxation Trance Healing

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