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How I Achieve Beyond New Year's Resolutions Every Year

A decade and 2019 is closing its door very soon. It's time for me to grab my journal and review how my 2019 was, and set a brand new intentions for a new year! I can confidently say that I achieve most of my New Year's Resolutions every year. Here is how I do it.

Step 1 Prepare my body and mind to receive

Step 2 Talking Meditation

Step 3 Reviewing Achievements

Step 4 Reviewing Learnings

Step 5 Setting New Intentions

Step 6 Visualizing Meditation

Step 7 Heather's Secret Ritual to complete the process


Step 1 Preparing Body & Mind to Receive

I believe when you're in the meditative state, you're in the receiving state. When you're setting intentions, it is very important to prepare your mind, body, spirit to receive without resistance. How I do it? First, I rebalance my energy field by using a couple of simple energy rebalancing techniques that anyone can do. (Click HERE and sign up to receive this 3 simple energy rebalancing techniques that you can use everyday).

Step 2 Talking Meditation (Channeling)

This sounds a bit weird even to some experienced meditation practitioners, but this is how I channel to something/someone beyond my physicality (I called it "higher-self" whatever that means and sounds to you is up to you but for me, I'm describing the higher consciousness that I'm a part of). After rebalancing my energy field, I close my eyes and imagine a particular shape that comes to my mind on each foot. With slow and conscious breathing, I move the shape from the back of my feet through my legs, spine touching each chakra, exiting through my crown chakra to connect with the energy field above and beyond me. As I exhale, I bring the shape back in my body though crown chakra down to root chakra though my legs and back to the bottom my feet, and sending it back to the center of Earth. I repeat this process for a few times.

And I start talking to myself (that sounds really weird, I know)! I don't know how to explain but I am not just talking my mind at loud but rather accessing to the wisdom and information I never thought I had or knew automatically and smoothly comes out of my mouth without my mind/brain processing the information. Some information is general, others are profoundly fresh and new information. I either write it down or record what new information I have received.

Step 3 Reviewing Achievements

The next thing I do for setting intentions for coming new year is reviewing my achievements and accomplishments for the current year. Recognizing what I've accomplished, what was given, how blessed I have been for the year, I can end the year with deepest gratitude. Also it gives me such encouragement to do more and be more for the following year. I either write all the things I've achieved for the year or marked next to last year's intention list to visually notice how much I've achieved.

Step 4 Reviewing New Learnings

I often talk about what I've learned from certain life experiences with my friends and family. However, at the end of each year, I gather all the things I've learned in the particular year during my meditation in December each day. It's a mental reminder and visual cue for the growth I've achieved for the year. As I go over each lesson I've learned, it's quite surprising how much I've changed because of the lesson. I start to see the positive byproducts of each lesson and how things are unfolding because of the lesson, therefore I intensify my gratitude for the lesson, my life, my support system again and again.

Step 5 Setting New Intentions for New Year

Now it's all about what I want the new year to be! I usually start each intention with "Thank you for the experience of (having a new car, extra income, traveling to XXX, meeting new friend XXX, quality time with my children/parents/partner/friends, new project of _________, etc. rather than addressing "I want extra $100,000 income this year" or "I want to travel to somewhere I've never been before." As I'm setting those new intentions for the new year, I'm visualizing they have already happened and thanking Universe for supporting and guiding me to have the particular experience. I visualize the scenes as well as the emotions go with the scenes in detail, and that's the key to attract what you want whatever it is closer to you. By doing this process, I feel and believe that my part of asking is completed. There is only one more thing to do in order to manifest everything I'm asking for my brand new year!

Step 6 Visualizing Meditation for New Intentions

The last thing I would do to complete my new intention setting process is doing visualizing meditation everyday for the rest of the year and also in the new year. What is Visualizing Meditation? For me, it is ONE vivid image that represents what I'd like to manifest. For example, let's say I want to manifest new experience in traveling, whatever the image comes to my mind when I think of the desire, I mentally pin the image into my heart. Then move on to the next image for new experience, and the next and next. I repeat this process during my morning or daytime or evening meditation daily at the end of my regular meditation routine. I'm a total believer of "What you pay attention to grows."

Step 7 Heather's Secret Ritual for New Year's Resolutions

I do this step every year when I set new intentions and I believe this completes the process of setting new intentions (clarifying and asking) and turning the switch on for my new year's kaleidoscope. I wouldn't know how things manifest and figuring out the how part isn't my job, and that's totally OK with me. But I'm responsible for clarifying what I desire, articulate and asking for what I want, and then I turn the switch that connects between me and Universe to co-create the experiences I've just asked for on, and I am done! This step is something I started doing naturally because I felt so good doing this, and because I see the result of accomplishing almost all intentions for the year every year, I'm sweared by it. But this has been my secret and I have never shared with anyone before, I only would share my secret with those of who have read this blog and don't mind emailing me personally to share what you're trying to achieve in 2020. In return, I'd be happy to share my secret how to intensify executing all New Year's Resolutions. Please email me at So looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy New Year dear friends! Wishing your new year filled with health, more happiness, laughters, powerful energies and Light. Love & Peace :-)


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