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Rewiredway Network

Meet Other Awesome Practitioners I Trust 

RewiredWay Network is dedicated to helping people heal from trauma through evidence-based approaches and referral networks. Our network connects trusted hypnotherapists and holistic practitioners with clients looking for alternative options to traditional therapies. We believe that everyone deserves access to the resources they need to heal and grow, and that's why we're passionate about connecting people with the right care. Learn more about our projects and how to get involved today!

Assessment Criteria

The members of the Rewiredway Network are chosen based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. Does the practitioner provide result-focused products and services?

  2. Is the practitioner himself/herself trauma and anxiety free? (Must put their money where their mouths are!)

  3. Is the practitioner a reliable, professional, and kind individual besides their job title? 

  4. Does the practitioner have in-depth knowledge and experience in anxiety relief and trauma healing? 

  5. Is the practitioner's pricing reasonable? 

  6. Can the practitioner provide at least 5 recent testimonies from their clients?

  7. Is the practitioner qualified to provide the service to others? (Credentials, Certificates, Licenses)  

Meet Awesome Practioners

Our Corporate Clients

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