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Free Anxiety Relief Tools 

Stress is the normal bodily function to protect and let you survive danger and threats. 
We need to retrain our mind and body on what is actual threats and danger and what are not.
Here are free tools to re-educate your mind and body to override old stress/survival responses.


68-second stess-free ebook


68-Second Stress Free Breathing eBook

This simple, easy and quick breathing meditation can

calm your mind and nervous system in 68-second.  

Practice with me a few times, and use the breathing technique whenever you need it.  


14-Day Stress Relief
Meditation Course

Sign up for a free site membership, and get access to my FREE 14-Day Stress Relief Meditation Course!

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Say Goodbye to Your Trauma Group
Two Naked Hypnotherapists Podcast


Two Naked Hypnotherapists

This podcast was created to share beneficial mind hacks that only hypnotherapists know. Learn the truths about your mind to break through your struggles more easily and faster! 

Episode 2: Anatomy of Stress

Episode 5: Trauma Meets Karma Meets Spirituality

Episode 10: All About Relationships

Episode 24: Insomnia

Episode 26,33,2,3,4: Mental Health/Stress

Episode 35 How to Use Trance for Success

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3 Days Mini-Workshop
How to Control Your Anxiety

Sign up for free today!

Day 1:  Hidden Causes of Anxiety 

Day 2:  Mind Reset 

Day 3:  Nervous System Reset 

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